Loving our Neighbors

On the surface, The BlessMobile may appear to be a food ministry.  In fact, it is a relational ministry designed to help our congregation live out the Gospel while addressing issues of poverty and food insecurity.  The BlessMobile is an incarnational ministry in which our members offer food, essential items, and fellowship to the most poverty-stricken in our community, living in true communion with our neighbors.

Our first BlessMobile run was in January 2016 when we served over 50 meals of soup, bread and passed out 20 survival bags to day laborers. The BlessMobile is now serving over 200 healthy, homemade meals per month and building relationships with people in need.

Because of the amazing support of our congregation, we have raised funds to purchase a 14' custom built mobile kitchen that will arrive in early 2017 and allow us to expand our reach.  We hope to more than double the number of meals we serve and reach other areas of our community, launch additional teams to specific sites. We're so excited to see what God has in store for us and our mission field!


Want to know more?

If you would like more information on our BlessMobile ministry, please let us know!  We would love to help you and your church start a ministry to love and serve your neighbors.  Let us know how we can help.

Also, visit the St. Andrew's website and learn more about our church.  We'd love to worship with you if you live near or are visiting McKinney, Texas!